Christmas Play - Nearly the Goat

This year, 3C is again bringing a high-quality Christmas production to Dursley. The well known Christian theatre company, Riding Lights, are staging their new Christmas play, Nearly the Goat, at Rednock School on Sunday 13 December at 6pm.

Suitable for ages five and up, Nearly the Goat lasts one hour and, say Riding Lights, it’s for ‘the whole family…and other animals’! Tickets are available today from our information table, priced £5 for adults and £2.50 for children and concessions. Tickets & other information are available from 3C by calling the church office on: 01453 546 775. Book your places now!

Somewhere between the tinsel and the cabbage leaves, the crackers and the peelings of the
parsnips, comes the remarkable story of Nearly the Goat.

What on earth is his master to make of that eerie singing in the sky? Or a starlit search for a tiny stable while the sat-nav’s on the blink? To say nothing of the wolf! This night of all nights is heading for a flock of disasters. Well, Nearly. And if it wasn’t for one
relentlessly cheerful, extremely interrupting goat butting in...

Nearly the Goat lasts one hour and is suitable for age 5 and up.