Drama about Gloucestershire martyr William Tyndale comes to 3C

The drama, His Word, is presented by Maranatha Productions, a non-profit ministry based in Pennsylvania, USA., and features three professional actors. The play was written and directed by Dan Neidermyer, the ministry’s late executive producer. It tells the story of Tyndale’s struggle in the 1500s to translate the Scriptures against the power of King Henry VIII, Cardinal Wolsey and the Pope.

Tyndale was both a great Christian martyr and a linguist of genius. When the famous Authorised Version of the Bible was published under King James 75 years after Tyndale’s death, 90% of the wording was in fact his. Phrases such as ‘flowing with milk and honey’, ‘to fall by the sword’, ‘the powers that be’ and ‘the apple of his eye’ are all Tyndale’s.